Sunday, December 9, 2012

Refining My Technique

This section of my cap is difficult and slow going as every two sticks the pattern changes color  red to white, red to white etc. Also, some sticks are getting too small and need new sticks added to replace them so as to keep consistency in size.  Sometimes when I’m weaving on my own I might forget exactly how Verna has taught me to do things, so I figure out my own way.  Today, Verna reminded me of her technique for changing color.  It’s a very small difference to what I was doing, the end result is the same, but there is one less step in the process.  Over time this will help to make me a faster weaver.  When replacing sticks, I was weaving two sticks together, and on the next row breaking the smaller stick off.  Verna said not to weave the two sticks together, but to break the smaller stick off first, then place the new stick in its place and weave around it.  This seems more difficult as there seems to be nothing to secure the new stick to, but the end result is a smoother more consistent weave.
I only got half way around my basket today, which took several hours. But of course there was plenty of socializing that took place.

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