Sunday, February 3, 2013

Basket Cap Progress

My progress may appear slow to an outsider, but I am so pleased in what I am learning, and how my weaving skills are improving. This cap is definitely pushing me to my skill limits.  I’m so grateful for this grant; for without it I may have given up and decided I would try something easier. But, pushing myself beyond what I think I can do is what helps me learn, grow and become a better weaver.
I am now comfortable with replacing sticks that are too small or have weak spots due to bug holes. Although, I realized today if I kept replacing sticks, I was going to end up with a cap for a giant.  The sticks need to get smaller toward the bottom of the cap so the weaving gets tighter and will fit my head. I confirmed this with Verna, and she said yes that was exactly right.
The pictures below will show the beginning of the pattern for the body of my cap. My job now is to keep pulling my sticks tight, so as to form the cap to my head.