Sunday, March 10, 2013

Skills and Techniques

Today Verna and I were discussing what skills and techniques I have learned so far in this apprenticeship.  Basically I have and will continue to refine all aspects of my weaving skills. This includes sizing my material, changing overlay material to create pattern and design, drawing my sticks in more aggressively, not over soaking my material, and not being afraid to manipulate my sticks into the shape I want my basket.  I’m also getting more comfortable with being able to look at a design on a basket and replicate it on my own basket without having to draw it out on graph paper.



Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring is coming!

Today was a beautiful drive down the river to meet with my basketweaving teacher.  White, snow topped mountains, billowy white clouds and blue, blue sky! 58 degrees, which is warm compared to the past couple weeks. The River is full and rushing with the winter rains. It was good to see Verna and the other basketweavers. It’s been a month since I have made the drive due to icy roads.
My cap is coming along. My challenge at this point is to pull my sticks tight and bring the cap in so it will fit my head, not Bigfoot’s. Verna worked with me today on my weaving technique. I haven’t been using my left hand properly to support and manipulate the sticks into the shape I desire.  I had to focus on breaking some bad habits and learning to manipulate my materials in a new way. If I can keep that focus, I’ll conquer this new way and be happier with my results.
Spring is coming.  Gathering time is near!!
It was a good day of weaving. We had some fun taking pictures of my cap as seen below.

Remember, we are basket weavers... not videographers.