Sunday, July 8, 2012

Starting a Karuk Ceremonial Cap

Not knowing exactly what size or type of sticks, willow (pâarak) or hazel (sárip), I would need to start my cap, I loaded my car with way more weaving materials than necessary to make the drive down the Klamath River to meet my teacher.  First order of business was to identify size of stick in diameter for the cap. Next to sort the sticks so I have all identically sized sticks.  I will need hundreds of the same size stick to complete my cap.  If the sticks are not exactly the same diameter, a lumpy bumpy basket will be the end result.  The foundation and consistency of materials is of utmost importance.  I chose willow sticks for this cap, as generally willow is straighter.  My root for binding or twining the sticks together is spruce.  Willow root could also be used, but I have more spruce than willow root at the present time.  We also spent time looking at pictures of old caps and discussing ideas for the design I will weave on my cap.  I have some great ideas brewing. 

Finally, we talked about how to size a cap to fit the person the cap is being made for.

Next week we plan to gather black fern (also called five-finger fern).   The Karuk word for black fern is ikritápkir.

The following pictures are of the start of my cap. 

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