Friday, October 12, 2012

Dying Woodwardia Fern with Alder Bark

A small section of bark is taken from an alder tree and the outer layer is removed.  When the inner bark is exposed to air, it turns a beautiful rust/red color.  Every tree will yield it’s own individual color.  The inner bark is broken into small chunks and then pounded with a rock.  These crushed pieces are then placed over the bundled woodwardia in a pot of cool water, and left to soak until the desired shade is reached.  The fern is then hung in the sun for a day to dry and set the color.  After drying, the woodwardia is bundled for storage.

Removing the outer bark.

Chunks of inner bark ready for pounding with a stone.

Pounding the inner bark.
This is the pounded alder bark on top of bundled
woodwardia fern just waiting for water in the pot.

Submerged woodwardia.

Drying in the sun to set the color.  The color deepens
as it's exposed to the air.
Woodwardia bundled for storage.

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