Sunday, October 14, 2012

Learned Something New Today

The two-hour drive to meet with my basketweaving teacher, Verna, is on a remote two lane windy road.  Most of the way there is no cell phone reception. Today at about an hour and forty minutes in, I had a flat tire.  I have never had to change a flat before.  Fortunately, there was cell reception at that spot (my lucky day!), so I called Verna.  She said she would come help me out.  I proceeded to get the spare tire, jack and instruction book out.  I was all set up when Verna pulled up 20 minutes later.  Just at the same time, two giant bald eagles circled and perched in a tree not too far from us.  We got the tire changed and headed on into class.  I’m including a couple pictures of Verna and my “learning cap” to date.  Thank you Verna for teaching me to make baskets and change flat tires!!

Verna helping change my tire.

Verna is working on her own new cap.

My cap progress to date.

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